Presto was born in São Paulo in 1976 and began to show interest in art as a child. In the early 90s, the graffiti  seen  around the city inspired his passion for murals and art interventions.

Presto’s pieces utilize scenarios in a way that is completely unexpected and yet widely appreciated. His murals move lightly between colors, creating harmony while simultaneously evoking surprise with the way space is occupied by abundant detail.

Presto has continued to improve his skills, creating new techniques and tools to enhance his work. He has developed a visual language that challenges the viewer’s sense of reality, explores the diverse possibilities of life, and puts the viewer in a dimension where essence, thought, and matter are indistinguishable.

In 2007 he exhibited his original creations in São Paulo for the first time, and has since presented his work worldwide and featured in prominent art collections.

Main Solo exhibitions:

2007 ‒ Expo “Mácula” at galeria CHOQUE CULTURAL/ São Paulo

2010 ‒ Expo “Fora de Série” at galeria CHOQUE CULTURAL/ São Paulo

2012 ‒ Expo “Ocupação” at cultural space Manabu Mabe at Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo / Japan

Main collective/group exhibition:

2005: Expo 100 latas ‒ Graffiteria/ São Paulo

2007: Expo “Sneackers BR” 25 years Nike Air Force 1-Studio/ São Paulo

2008: Expo “This is China” – Red Star Press Gallery ‒ Seattle /WA

2009: Expo “Graffiti Fine Arts” ‒ MuBE – Museu Brasileiro de Escultura / São Paulo

2009: Expo “Caligrafias” ‒ Galeria Choque Cultural/ São Paulo

2009: Expo Coletiva Choque- Galeria Choque Cultural/ São Paulo

2009: Expo “Go Get Your Shine Shoe Box” – Brookylinite Gallery/ NY

2010: Expo “Two Way Street” – Jonathan Levine Gallery / NY

2010: Bienal Internacional de Graffiti- MUBE/ São Paulo

2010: Expo “ Culture Shok” – Pure Evil Gallery ‒ London/UK

2011 : Expo “Streetart e Graffiti de São Paulo” ‒ BRASILEA Foundation ‒ Basel/ Switzerland

2011: Expo “About Change” – World Bank Art Program ‒ Washington, D.C.2013: Expo Graffiti Fine Arts – Los Angeles, CA.

2013: Projeto Ponte ‒ SP JDN ‒Banco do Nordeste Cultural Center‒ Juazeiro do Norte ‒ CE.

2016: Holiday  Group Show – Verticall Gallery / Chicago

2017: Double Trouble – Wyn 317 / Miami

Special projects:

2009 : Mural at UNIBES/ São Paulo

2010: Mural at UNIBES/São Paulo

2011: MAAU: Museu Aberto de Arte Urbana / São Paulo

2012: Mural “Projeto Parede – Verão de Arte Contemporânea” at SESC Palladium/Belo Horizonte

2012: Mural at Embassy of Brazil in Tokyo/ Japan

2013: Mural at Cinemateca Brasileira/SP

2014: Mural at Contempo Gallery / SP

2015: Mural for “Graffiterritórios ZN” – SESC Santana / SP

2017: Mural em Wynwood – Miami / FL


“O Graffiti na cidade de São Paulo e sua vertente no Brasil” : autor Sérgio Poato – IP/USP

MORE THAN TRENDS – O poder da informação: Editora Catarina

Graffiti SP – Fotografias Ricardo Czapski

Institutional Collections:

Coleção Gilberto Chateubriand: MAM/RJ ­
Coleção Acervo do Banco Mundial/ The World Bank: Washington, D.C. ­